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Everything You Need to Know About Stout Beer

Stout beer is one of the most popular types of beer today. It is dark in texture, and is made using roasted barley or roasted malt, which is mixed with yeast, water and hops. Today, there are a number of different variations of stout beer that you can choose from. For instance, imperial stout, milk stout and Baltic porter are just some of the most popular types of stout beer that you can choose from. The most common type of stout beer, though, is the dry stout. The Guinness Draught is one of the most popular and widely selling stout beers in the world today.

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Another thing that you should know is that stout beer has been around for ages. The word ‘stout’ is in English manuscripts dating back to 1677 detailing a particular type of beer. At the time, stout was not a dark beer, but was still generally regarded as a relatively strong beer. Due to the fact that porter stout was so popular, many breweries often made it in a variety of different strengths. Today, you can easily buy this type of beer from anywhere. For instance, stout beer available at Fair Price is affordable and can be delivered straight to your home!

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It is said that the dark stout beer originated in London during the early 1700s, sometime around 1720. The style of beer became popular with porters working in the city, thus the name “porter stout.” The beer had a pretty strong flavour, and did not spoil as quickly or as easily as other beers in the market at the time. With the passage of time, stout beer actually increased in alcohol content. Perhaps the biggest selling point for porters at the time was the fact that this type of beer was incredibly cheap and wasn’t even affected by the heat.

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It didn’t take very long for breweries in London to realise that porter stout was going to be a major sell. Breweries started producing more and more stout beer, and it wasn’t long before some of the breweries managed to post record profits. Fifty years on, massive portions of stout beer were being shipped to Ireland. However, Arthur Guinness had also begun brewing it in Ireland in his own brewery (what is now known as the Guinness brand). The use of black patent malt actually resulted in the darker shade during the early 19th century. The flavour also became considerably stronger.

Modern Popularity

Today, stout beer is incredibly popular. It is sold all over the globe and is easily available at supermarkets and general stores. If you are a fan of drinking beer, you may have already tried stout beer. Some people like the strong flavour of the beer, while others drink it conservatively. A simple can of Guinness stout beer costs around £5 or less, so it isn’t very expensive either!

Modern Popularity