Feel the Real Sweetness of Dessert with Dessertlady.ca

Many people will argue that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Sure, it might be the first meal of the day, and that definitely makes it important.  But I think there are a significant amount of people out there who would argue that dessert is the most important meal of the day.


Obviously when you think of a great dessert cake often comes to mind. Indeed, this can be a quintessential final food of the day.  Cake can be sweet or savory, fruity or spicy, and you can vary them up in so many ways when you consider the cake type, icing, and other toppings. You could go for something classic like a vanilla cake with a chocolate buttercream icing. Of course, you could also opt for something a little more daring, like an orange chiffon cake with vanilla marscapone mousse.


Cupcakes seem to be all the rage right now. It kind of makes sense as they are made per serving so you don’t have to worry about divvying them up or even dirtying a fork and knife.  These are, indeed, a sweet dessert—no pun intended—that everyone will love. It is also easier to make a variety of cupcakes to cater to different tastes—much easier than trying to bake several full-sized sheet cakes.

Here are a few cupcake ideas:

  • classic chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing
  • classic vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing
  • tangy lemon cupcake with raspberry buttercream icing
  • carrot cupcake with cream cheese icing and walnuts
  • chocolate cupcake with roasted pistachio buttercream icing
  • double chocolate cupcake with hazelnut buttercream icing
  • matcha green tea cupcake with cherry buttercream icing
  • red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing
  • rich fudgy chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream icing
  • roasted pineapple coconut cupcake with coconut buttercream icing
  • passion fruit cupcake with caramelized chocolate buttercream icing
  • banana cupcake with chocolate buttercream icing

These are also great for things like corporate events, where you want to make sure everyone has something to enjoy.


Speaking of corporate events, another sweet treat you could feature might be Dessert lady branded cookies.  These are cookies designed specifically with your corporate event in mind.

Okay, maybe dessert is not the most important meal of the day, but it is certainly the sweetest.  And isn’t that pretty much the same thing?