Holiday Alternatives

Healthy Holiday Alternatives

With the holiday season coming up fast everyone’s thoughts are on presents, decorations and of course that all important traditional holiday meals. And while holiday dinners are delicious, they’re often short on nutritional value. Here are some healthy hacks to improve the nutritional value of some of your holiday favorites as well as some healthier alternatives.

  1. Candied Yams

This sugary holiday favorites is enough to bring even the strongest dieter to their knees. Here’s some easy ways to make this tasty holiday side less fattening. Rather than marinating the sweet potatoes in maple syrup opt for honey as a healthier alternative. In addition, you can replace the marshmallow topping with sliced almonds or a cinnamon oatmeal mixture. And for a healthy alternative try honey roasted root vegetables like carrots and parsnips. Or try covering sliced cauliflower in cinnamon and lightly saut√© it in almond butter.

  1. Collard Greens

This delicious soul food staple it is amazing whether you make it salty and savory or sweet and smokey. To reduce calories of this meal substitute bacon or ham hock with smoked turkey leg or breast. Also use reduced sodium chicken broth and a quarter cup of brown sugar instead of salt or garlic salt. As a healthy alternative, you can boiled collard greens with minced garlic and caramelized onions.

  1. Stuffing

¬†There are countless recipes for holiday stuffing but it’s always best to opt for one that is meatless and uses nuts or dates as a meat alternative. For breaded stuffing rather than using cornbread or white bread crumbs use pumpernickel bread instead. You can also substitute traditional dressing with fruit such baked apple slices.

  1. Pies

For a holiday pie substitute simply core apples and pears, fill them with preserves or berries and bake them in the crock pot until soft.

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