Hog Roast

The Versatile Hog Roast

If you are organising a party for family and friends providing them with a hog roast could be a good way to go. Most people love a hog roast. My mouth starts watering the moment I smell pork roasting. There really is nothing quite like a roll stuffed with pulled pork, stuffing and traditional applesauce.

However, I realise that not everyone feels that way about pork. Some people do not like the flavour or cannot eat it because of religious beliefs or food intolerances.

hog roast

Fortunately, with modern hog roast machines that is definitely not a problem. They are extremely easy to clean so every residue of the pork can be removed and the skewers or roasting spit can just as easily be loaded with lamb, beef, turkey or chicken. In fact you can spit roast any meat you want using a modern spit roasting machine.

Hog Roast 1

In addition, you can serve the meat that you cook in a range of ways. It is also nice served as part of a roast dinner. Most large hog roasters have the space to allow potatoes to be cooked at the same time as the pig. To cook the vegetables all you need is a couple of burners and a large pan with dividers. It is easy to produce a full roast dinner that way and serve it as a carvery buffet or, if you prefer, serve everyone at the table.

Hog Roast 2

Roasted meats go well with salads and side dishes or roasted vegetables. Laying this combination of foods out as a buffet works well.

The great thing is that any meat that is left over can be sliced up and served later as cold cuts or in sandwiches. Modern hog roasting machines make it easy to run a small catering firm, but you can also hire these machines to use for personal use and keep everyone happy with a wide variety of food at your next party.